Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) What is cold and hot wash?

(A) Cold wash uses a solvent such as mineral spirits (without a heating source) to desolve cutting oils, and to remove chips and dirt from parts. Parts will be "wet" and will air dry leaving some oil on the part to aid in rust protection.

(A) Hot water wash systems (also known as aqueous systems) use either electric or gas heat to elevate the water temperature to approximately 160 deg. The use of a chemical cleaner will remove cutting oils, water soluble fluids, chips and dirt. Parts will be "damp" when they exit the machine but, because heat is built up in the parts they will "flash" dry within a short period.


(Q) Won't steel parts rust using water to clean parts?

(A) No, most aqueous cleaners have a rust preventive in them leaving a protective coating that provides a minimum of 30 day rust protection.


(Q) Won't the cutting oils contaminate the cleaning solution?

(A) Use an aqueous cleaner that breaks down the oils out of the solution. A belt skimmer can then be used to remove the tramp oils from the solution.


(Q) What about disposal of the cleaning solution?

(A) Most solvent type cleaners are hazardous waste and have tough permit regulations. Aqueous cleaners are an industrial waste which means less stringent requirements for permits and less cost for disposal, not to mention the cost savings for the aqueous cleaner over solvents.


(Q) Won't the Auger Machine damage outside threads and other surfaces?

(A) No, a slow rotation processes the parts through the machine without damage to threads and other surfaces.


(Q) How well will it clean through and blind holes?

(A) By using what we call a submersing cylinder. The parts are submersed in the cleaning solution forcing the cleaning solution into blind holes and through holes flushing out chips, oils and dirt.


(Q) What size parts can be cleaned?

(A) The auger washers can clean parts as small as .093 up to 3" outside diameters and up to 8" long. The conveyor washers can clean parts up to 24" width and 12" height and lengths up to 36". Both machines can be built to accommodate most parts.


(Q) What quality products are used in our washers?

(A) Allen Bradley, Chromalox, Gusher / Ruthman, and Omron are just a few of the quality components used on our washers to guarantee that the washers will perform day after day. We stock most parts (excluding sheet metal components) so that replacements can be sent the same day to keep your parts washer working. There are some less expensive washers in the market place, but none compare to the Fourway quality. Our motto is "Ask the Guy that has One!" and it's true; you can ask any of our hundreds of customers how the washer performs for them.


(Q) We don't have a lot of extra floor space for a cleaning system; will the washer take up much floor space?

(A) No, our washers are very compact and take up very little floor space. In fact they make excellent "cell concept" units allowing you to complete your parts start to finsh without leaving the area. But make no mistake, our wash systems handle your complete washing needs, large to small, size and quantities.


For more information on our parts washing systems, complete our contact form and include any other questions not covered on our F.A.Q.'s page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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