Automatic Conveyor Parts Washers

We make three different sizes of Conveyor Parts Washers. The B-50 Conveyor Parts Washer is our compact unit that fits small manufacturing plants and "Cell Concepts" where space savings is a factor. The B-100 Conveyor Parts Washer is our mid-size unit, ideal for small to medium size plants. The B-200 Conveyor Parts Washer is our largest unit, ideal for larger plants.

The conveyor unit provides flow through cleaning using solvents or cold and hot water base cleaners. The cleaning solution flushes the parts as they are conveyorized through the spray removing chips, oil and dirt from blind holes, thru holes and threaded parts.

To determine which unit best fits your cleaning applications, consult with a Fourway representative at:
1-800-FOURWAY (368-7929).

Our Conveyor Parts Washers are ideal for cleaning parts manufactured by large capacity screw machines, cold formers, CNC's stamping, etc.

General Specifications
  • Carbon Steel Body
  • Conveyor, 1/2" X 1/2" Galvanized Mesh
    18" Width (B-50 & B-100)
    24" Width (B-200)
    P.L.C. Controls
  • 1/2 hp Cylinder Drive Motor, Variable Speed
  • 60:1 Gear Reducer with Torque Limiter
  • Pump
    3 hp, 120 gpm (B-200)
  • Tank Capacity (Gallons)
    (B-50) 110 Gal.
    (B-100) 170 Gal.
    (B-200) 190 Gal.
  • Dimensions
    (B-50) 47½"L, 82"W, 40"H
    (B-100) 45½"L, 82"W, 39"H
    (B-200) 49"L, 82"W, 41 1/8"H
Options Available
  • Hot Water Systems
  • 1 H.P. Variable Speed Cylinder Drive
  • 5 H.P. Pumps
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Inline Filter
  • Automatic Fill and Solution Mixing
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Special Build to Customers Needs
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