Noise Reduction For A Fraction Of The Cost

Silent Stock Reel Enclosures for your Acme Gridley!
Silent Stock Reel Enclosure

Available in Machine Sizes 9/16" to 2" Capacity with Stock Lengths up to 20'

  • Noise Reduction
    Revolutionary, new, yet simple sound enclosure. Made with durable PVC material provides noise reduction up to 11 decibels.
  • Safty Built Into Every Enclosure
    Encloses your stock reel so that no moving parts are exposed to the operator. Limited switches on each door shut off power to the machine when a door is opened. And, will not allow the machine to be started until the door is closed.
  • Reduces Operator Stress And Fatigue
    Fatigue and stress on the operator are reduced because of lower noise levels. Creates a more favorable work environment for all your employees.
  • A New Cleaner Look
    Improves the appearance of your plant with a more modern look for your automatic screw machines.
    Helps maintain a cleaner work area by collecting any cutting fluid that may work its way down the stock reel.
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Detailed instructions help you install the enclosures minimizing machine down time.
  • Cost Effective
    The simple, yet effective design means a savings up to 1/2 over other noise reducing units on the market.